Artisan Development

   Mtwara, Tanzania

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When the wave of modernization and capitalization sweeps through a community, indigenous cultures and artistic traditions are tragically lost. In places like East Africa where jobs are few, traditional culture, craft, and art can serve as a valuable source of revenue for food, medicine, and education. However, without training in production skills and business, artisans receive poorer than necessary returns for their work, and fail to take advantage of the role their culture and traditional arts can play in securing a more promising future. 

ADEA has helped artisans to become aware and take advantage of income generating opportunities by equipping them to seize them. 
What we provide
Skills Training Workshops
Skills Training Workshops introduce artisans to new skills and nurture creative thinking. The collective environment gives artisans the courage to step into uncharted territory of new designs, new materials, and new ways of working.

One-on-One Training
As a follow up to workshops, one-on-one training helps artisans establish new work patterns, production consistency, and dependability. Also, this allows us to address the unique challenges an artisan may face (including family struggles, medical issues, and substance abuse).

 Artisans gather for presentations and open dialogue on various subjects. Beyond ADEA’s instruction related to the arts and business, guest speakers present on issues related to health (HIV/AIDS), the environment (tree planting and marine life conservation), nutrition, and various community and life issues.

Gift Shop
Through ADEA’s in-house gift shop artisans are learning about the business of retail sales and can better understand issues of product appeal and buying trends, and benefit from the sale of products. 

Market Access
By maintaining high standards and unique designs, and through growing exposure, artisans are gaining access to an increasing number of markets in Tanzania and world wide.

What makes ADEA Unique?  

The bi-cultural makeup of our leadership team sets ADEA apart from the majority of economic development projects 

Philipo Lulale (a Tanzanian) and Douglas McFalls (an American) represent both the source and destination of our efforts.  

Philipo, as a Tanzanian artisan, helps to affectively develop a genuine relationship of understanding and connection with the artisans. He understands the cultural, economic, social and technical struggles that East African artisans face. 

Douglas, as a designer, enables ADEA to teach the rigor of design, quality standards, and customer service. He brings an international perspective to the development and marketing of new and traditional products.

““Thanks to salad servers, I am able to put my children through school!”   -  Almasi Mkulola –Carver

Maintaining a Long Term Presence

To change new ideas into habits in a community without role models and unaccustomed to radical change, patient determination produces the greatest results. ADEA’s ongoing presence has allowed it to thoughtfully grow and be reshaped by learning from experience. Also, artisans are encouraged to participate as leaders and instructors to establish stronger roots in the community.

Currently serving
Batik and Tie & Dye producers
Basket weavers
Metal Forgers