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2012 will be a year dedicated to teaching the fundamental skills that Douglas McFalls has used, by virtue of my schooling and place of birth, to greatly impacted ADEA’s growth in Tanzania.  After eight years in the field, he wholeheartedly believes that if possessed by the ADEA African participants, these skills will substantially increase their ability to succeed and grow without the future oversight of ADEA.

The areas of training are:

  1. Bullet English Language

  2. Bullet Cross Cultural Communications

  3. Bullet      Computer skills: Internet, Excel, Word and Typing

  4. Bullet      Money Management & Budget Development & Reconciliation

  5. Bullet Grant Request and Reconciliation

  6. Bullet Crisis Management and Creative Problem Solving

  7. Bullet Networking

  8. Bullet Funding Organizations & Programs Sourcing

  9. Bullet Stock Keeping & Analysis

  10. Bullet Marketing & Client Relations

  11. Bullet Transparency, Dealing Honestly, and being Trustworthy

Why a full year program? Because ADEA wants them to get it! Repetition, repetition and more repletion is key.  Plus, it will allow ample time for regular analysis of the effectiveness of this revolutionary program, with time to make adjustments as needed. 

This initiative will directly involve an estimated twelve participants. They will then instruct a larger circle of people within their sphere. This intense program will take the participants away from their daily work routines to allow focus.  To do this they will require compensation (so that they can focus on their studies without concern for food, rents, life, medical fees etc. ). There will also be field trips to meet donor organization and potential clients. This will be ADEA’s costliest endeavor ever, but we believe, (with many years experience in Africa), that this is the very best initiative ADEA can launch.

Please consider if you would like to invest in this initiative.  – Thank you – Douglas McFalls - ADEA


ADEA  Boot Camp 2012

Waging war on helplessness   


Developing Human Capital & Affective Leaders through a Year of Rigorous and Disciplined Training.


The aim:  For ADEA’s African partners to be equipped with the tools that will allow them to stand on their

own ability, and manage their own development.


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