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Invest in ADEA

Thank you for joining us in our efforts to bring economic hope to East Africa

Ways to Invest:

  1. One time Financial Contribution

  1. Recurring Automatic Contribution

  1. Matching Funds through work (click for details)

  1. Frequent Flier Miles

  1. Come visit us (click for details)

Financial Investment:
        Without financial support ADEA could not continue its work in Africa.  Through a combination of East African grants and donor contributions we have been able to accomplish great things since 2003.  2012 will be see many exciting development in intensive training, cultural documentation, and new economic development programs.  Won’t you join in!
Frequent Flier Miles
          With the price of airfare increasing, travel between the United States and East Africa is pricy. Contributions of frequent flier miles will allow ADEA to use funds for other aspects of the project.  It is our hope to one day bring ADEA participants to the United States. Frequent flier milage would make such a trip more feasible.
Recurring Contribution through Automatic Withdrawal
        You can show your support for ADEA on a monthly basis by setting up an automatic monthly contribution with your credit card.  University Presbyterian Church has made this service available to ADEA at no cost and with no deduction.  Visit UPC.org and select give, or click the link below. When setting up an account, you must select project to choose, under FUND - select Mission Global - Then select ADEA/Douglas McFalls. Or call 206.524.7301 x456 for help.
Automatic Recurring Givinghttp://www.upc.org/give/OnlineGiving.aspx
Credit Cards:
Payable to ADEA
Mail to:   
ADEA - P.O. Box 45751
Seattle, WA 98145 - USA

[click for Contribution Form]
ADEA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Contributions are tax-deductible.

EIN 83-0393515

Thank you



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