Douglas Kupikita Oloikurrukurr McFalls

          Seattle, United States of America

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Serving as a bridge to opportunities of the global economy

Douglas McFalls has been living in East Africa since 2003 working in arts and craft related economic development initiatives in rural communities. As co-founder of the Center for African Development through Economics and the Arts in Mtwara, Tanzania (founded with a Tanzanian), Douglas has extensive experience in working full-time cross culturally serving as a bridge between the indigenous artisan community and the targeted international marketplace. Douglas has worked with this Maasai community for over six years helping to establish small local Maasai-sensitive schools. Because of the devastation of the recent drought he is shifting his focus to economic development initiatives for the survival of the community and their schools.  [ADEA’s efforts in Tanzania have been repeatedly supported by the embassies of Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France and Germany (as well as other donor organizations)]. In his work, Douglas is very sensitive to cultural preservation and respecting local traditions.