African Development through Economics & the Arts               

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ADEA (African Development through Economics and the Arts) is a non-profit organization that has been working with artisans and performers in Tanzania and Maasai in Kenya since 2003. Partnering with locals to ensure the sustainability and appropriateness of development work, it has initiated grassroots solutions to overcome obstacles that hinder development and economic self-sufficiency.  Since 2003, ADEA has launched:

  1.    An artisan craft production cooperative

  1. MaKuYa, a traditional culture and performing arts festival for the promotion and preservation of traditional culture and dance

  1. Maasai primary schools

  1. Income-generating initiatives (bead work) for Maasai

    families suffering from the devastation of drought

  1. The mentoring of individuals who aspire to lead their own people

ADEA’s U.S. director, Douglas McFalls, lived in East Africa for eight years, creatively addressing the challenges there. His extensive experience in education, the arts and economic development has helped make ADEA a thriving non-profit that has positively affected the lives of hundreds of artisans, traditional performer,  Maasai and the thousands who have enjoyed the results.

Please explore our website and consider investing in ADEA’s Boot Camp 2012 initiative, to help those who can’t yet help themselves.

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ADEA is committed to bringing economic hope to East Africa

through craft, culture & education

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