Individual Leaders - Candidates for ADEA Boot Camp 2012

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Cholo “Tembo” Selemani - born ~1983 - one of 25 children - lived several years on the streets of Dar es Salaam, became an unregistared taxi driver. Currently drives for medical team in Mtwara. Taught himself interest. Has a huge heart for compassion & justice, and a strong analytical mind.  His participation in ADEA Boot Camp 2012 will customized to prepare him for his plans to return to Dar to start program for street youth & abandoned elderly, and a mini-bus taxi service to support this work.Tembo.html

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Tipape Daniel Loomu - born 1982 - the oldest of 11 children of a Maasai family. His parents sold 80% of their cattle for he & his eldest sister to receive formal education. Tipape carries the burden for the education & care of his remaining siblings, & the well being of his suffering community. With ADEA, he established the Maasai Boma Schools. ADEA currently supports his MBA studies in Nairobi. Boot Camp training will allow him to network & investigate resources to support and advocate for his community.Tipape.html
This team of ADEA artisans are the newly elected leaders of the “African Makonde Arts & Craft Society”, the cooperative that has arisen from ADEA as the artisans move closer to full independence.  Msuao, Sarah, Filbert, Nasoro and Msoga are some of the earliest member of ADEA (Sarah beginning in 2003). Book Camp focus on Marketing, Money Management, Customer Service, Internet & Computer Training, English Language & other needed skills to ensure their success as an independent Artisan Cooperative. Artisan_Leaders.html
Kiluku Alfred Henriko - born 1986 - raised in Dar es Salaam. Kuliku came to ADEA as a MaKuYa festival volunteer. His soon showed a keen mind for cultural/ethnological research. He joined the MaKuYa staff for 2009 & 10 in charge of cultural education.  Family financial hardships due to an alcoholic father, often requires Kiluku to support his mother & brothers. With ADEA Boot Camp Training, Kiluku’s training will focus on preparing for ethnological work with the aim to enter the University of Dar es Salaam Oct. 2012.Kiluku.html
Philipo Lulale - born 1961 - as a co-founder & co-director of ADEA TZ, Philipo has been a key player in  the success of ADEA.  His ability to teach, inspire, & negotiate with artisans, performers, village leaders, local officials, & businesses is true impressive.  Philipo will play a duel role of Instructor & Participant in the ADEA Boot Camp initiative.  As we delegated work in the office, there are tasks that Douglas managed, that Philipo will now engage in during Boot Camp to help him in realizing his own dreams beyond ADEA.Philipo.html
Tumaina Ole Ipite - born 1973 - works tirelessly in his Maasai community to tackle the many hardships facing the Maasai of Kenya. Tumaina is innovative in his ideas, bold in experimentation, vocal in political injustice, in love with his culture, and respected by his community.  He assisted tirelessly in ADEA’s efforts in Rombo in the past. ADEA Boot Camp and financial support will free him from the worries of feeding and educating his family, to focus on partnering with ADEA to address the crisis facing the Rombo Maasai.Tumaina.html

What has made makes ADEA Unique? 

The bi-cultural makeup of our leadership team sets ADEA apart from the majority of economic development projects. We represent the source & aim of our efforts.

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