Kiluku Alfred Henerico

          Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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About Me

Kiluku was raised in Dar es Salaam after completing his secondary studies in northern Tanzania. A bright young man with a passion for culture and learning.

Advertises dealt with:

  1. -Lack of funds for higher education

  2. -Alcoholic, largely absent father.

  3. -Responsibility to care for ailing mother and two younger brothers.


  1. -To study Ethnology in Dar es Salaam and internationally.

  2. -To play a key roll in documenting and making available largely inaccessible and unrecorded native culture of Tanzania.

Age: Born 1986

How ADEA wants to help:

  1. -Fund Kiluku’s university education.

  2. -Partner with Kiluku in our cultural exploration and documentation efforts, including exhibitions, data collection, interviews, archiving.

  3. -Provide exposure to other cultures through travel and study material.


A passion to preserve & promote the culture of Tanzania

Kuliku came to ADEA as a MaKuYa festival volunteer. His soon showed a keen mind for cultural/ethnological research. He joined the MaKuYa staff for 2009 & 10 in charge of cultural education.  Family financial hardships due to an alcoholic father, often requires Kiluku to support his mother & brothers.

With ADEA Boot Camp Training, Kiluku’s training will focus on preparing for ethnological work with the aim to enter the University of Dar es Salaam Oct. 2012. There is tragically little documentation of the traditional culture and life of the tribes of Tanzania. Yet, as a late developing nation, it has the opportunity to capture many traditional treasures, that more developed countries have lost.  With the passion to make ethology his life work, ADEA will support Kiluku in his academic development, as he helps us in our current efforts.  Ideally our support will take him to other countries with strong cultural preservation efforts, as well international studies.