Tipape Daniel Loomu - Project Director

In its effort to ensure local ownership of this project, ADEA has hired Tipape Loomu to manage the development and instigation of this project.  Tipape is a 24-year-old recent graduate in philosophy.  Because of his immense love for the Lord and his deep concern for the future his people, he has committed a minimum of two years to this project.  Funds are needed to: provide Tipape with a salary, office rental and supplies, and ultimately construction costs (the first year curriculum has already been donated).



Hemmed in by game parks, the Maasai of Rombo, Kenya have lost much of their traditional grazing lands, and have been forced settle on land ill-suited for agriculture.   They now believing that broader education is key to their future survival, however it is estimated that less than 15% of their children receive formal education due to the cost and location of boarding schools (the only educational option available).  Using the model of the early American “One-room Schoolhouse” in farming communities - we are supporting these Maasai to make their dream of education a reality.


Maasai Boma Schoolhouses History

Making education accessible to the Maasai children of Rombo while keeping families together and their rich heritage alive.

Accessible education will avoid the necessity to favor one child over another, frequently boys over girls

2015 Update - Currently the the eight teachers of the Maasai Boma School in Esukuta offer preschool - 6th grade classes to 122 students. Despite the challenges of collecting fees the teachers preserver faithfully. ADEA contributes the salary of the head teachers. The need for more classrooms is ongoing.  Strong winds continue to damage the two additional classrooms built of iron sheets. There is a need for more permanent and solid buildings.

Maasai School Videohttp://web.me.com/douglasmcfalls/Site_2/Maasai_Video.html