ADEA’s work with the Maasai of Rombo, Kenya


ADEA’s emergency food program serves two meals a day to schoolchildren during times of food shortage. This ensures healthy brain development and secures the future of the community.

Seattle-based jewelry designer Natalie Everett works with Maasai to learn their craft and explore new design.

Local school built by ADEA and PMD outperforms their government-run counterparts

ADEA provided the women solar lights so they can work at night, travel safely at night, save on kerosene, and charge their phones.

African Development

through Economics

& the Arts

ADEA director Douglas McFalls has forged a unique collaboration wit a locally founded, Maasai NGO. Pillar of Maasai Development (PMD and ADEA have worked together since 2006.

Tumaina Oli Ipite is the key bridge to these women as a community leader and his English, Swahili and Maa language skills. He is training these women to take on leadership.