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What began as a magical step into the Maasai world, turned into enormous challenge battling politics, climate and poverty. ADEA’s director, Douglas McFalls was introduced to the young Maasai, Tipape Loomu in 2004.  Welcome as a guessed to their community in Rombo, Kenya the Maasai shared of their hardship due to the confiscation of grazing lands for the establishment of the Tsavo and Amboseli game parks (which prohibited there normal nomadic grazing pattern, and deprived them of access to the year round water supply of springs.  No longer migrating, the land soon became over grazed and over populated, that along with new diseases brought by the farm animals of the encroaching farmers moving into Rombo. Each of these factors resulted in a drastic reduction of herd sizes, and the communities realization that their children can not maintain the same herding lifestyle as their parents. Thus, there desire for schools.

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Crisis - land and cattle loss

In 2006 ADEA  and Tipape launch the Maasai Boma schools; an exciting school which respects culture, children’s’ responsibilities at home, and the need for accessible quality schooling for boys and girls. [Visit Maasai Boma School previous web page for details].  Early on we experienced the unfortunate loss of a small campus of buildings donated by the international NGO Amref, due to political jockeying in the newly established Lemong’o voting district. We ended up with two small campuses (one in Lemong’o churches and another in a two-classroom
building we constructed in neighboring Esukuta.) The results were children out performing all others in the region and pride in Maasai culture.  But the drought of 2009 has put Maasai Boma Schools in crisis. We depended on the measly school fees ($3.75 a month per child) to maintain the teachers.  But with 85 – 95% cattle loss by the Maasai of Rombo even these meager fees are impossible.

ADEA’s first attempt to help & the setbacks

ADEA has stepped back to take a step back to evaluate the situation to see what it can do to help in a long-term sustainable manner. More gifted in economic development initiatives and training than fundraising for schools, ADEA will partner with the Community Based organization Pillar of Maasai Development (PMD) to help tackle these issues. Douglas has identified three members (Tipape Loomu, Tumaina Ole and Benedict Waigwa) from the community who have the will and (ADEA believes) the ability to help their community tackle its crisis. To do this affectively they must be supported and freed from the day-to-day concerns of caring for their families, tending their remaining cattle, and school fees. That’s what ADEA plans to do.


2015 – With great perseverance the teachers of the MBS have continued to offer classes to the children of Rombo.  Eight teachers provide Preschool - 6 grade classes to 122 students.  Each year, since opening the school, they have faithfully sought out teachers to meet the growing student needs.  ADEA currently covers the salary of the head teacher to support their efforts.  The issue of insufficient classrooms is an ongoing problem.  Three years ago two classrooms made of iron sheets were added to the wooden building, but were twice lost to heavy winds.  ADEA continues to explore economic development activities to help some parents to manage school fees. Additionally, ADEA is considering if it can help elevate the insufficient classroom challenge.

Current state of MBS - Plan of Action - PMD Partnership

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