Philipo Lulale

        Nkerewe, Tanzania  - ADEA TZ Co-Founder & Tanzanian Co-Director

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About Philipo

Philipo is a key player in the development of ADEA.  Born in norther Tanzania, became a skilled carver, but found his strength in cooperative and business leadership.  Moving to southeastern Tanzania - the home of the famed Makonde carvers - he launch a  trade business.  In 1999 he and Douglas McFalls met. In 2003 they co-founded the NGO, The center for African Development though Economics & the Arts (ADEA TZ) in Mtwara,Tanzania. He is gifted in making new production, cultural or business concepts understandable to the rural artisans. He is also a successful journalist.

Born: 1961

Wife: Nepa

Children: Erick, Navo, Stephano, & Ester


Dedicated to help the advancement artisans in Tanzania

Philipo Lulale as a co-founder & co-director of ADEA TZ (Tanzania), Philipo has been a key player in  the success of ADEA.  His ability to teach, inspire, & negotiate with artisans, performers, village leaders, local officials, & businesses is true impressive.

In our work with artisans, Douglas may be able to identify areas of needed production discipline, design quality and dependability required to be craft suppliers to retailers, but Philipo has the much more challenging task of not only presenting work or design concepts previously unknown to the artisans of rural Mtwara, but also convincing them that it is worth their while to try them. He is a skilled and patient communicator, able to see the strength and weaknesses of programs as they relates to successfully reaching the local people.  He has proven this not only with ADEA, but also other project coming into the region seeking ADEA’s advise.

With our MaKuYa cultural preservation works, he not only presents the questions (in English, Swahili and Makonde), but manages the video recording (some footage he has put together to preliminary documentary work - very interesting stuff). 

Philipo is also a journalist and broadcaster for Radio Free Africa. His skill and connections  as a journalist has been excellent for the exposure of our Festival and cultural work.