“These workshops have helped me to expand the way I consider what I am able to produce.”  Venancy Posenti (age 38- married-4 kids-lives in mud hut in Ziwani, father also carvers-travels 1.5 hours on bicycle to workshops)

“It was wonderful to have place where carvers can work together.  I enjoyed the new ideas, and the shared experience.” Charles Joseph (age 52-married-9 kids-lives in mud in Ziwani, father was not a carver )

“Before coming to the workshop we carved without challenges – now we are using the challenges we were given to reconsider our own work.” Anthony James (age 37-married-both children have died-lives in mud hut in Tangazo-traveled 2 hours in truck bed)

“Being challenged and having expectations placed on me has stimulated a greater interest in my carving work.  I feel I gained skills because I was challenged.  I will remember the challenges made by ADEA and challenge his own work.” Santos Joseph (age 24 - married-1 kid-father & grandfather carvers originally from Mozambique-lives in mud hut in Tangazo- traveled 2 hours in truck bed)

“I enjoyed being challenged – being asked to consider my traditional pieces in new ways.” Fransis Kilipa (age 40-marrried-5 children- lives in mud hut in Tangazo-father carves- traveled 2 hours in truck bed)

“I learned that all carvings do not have to be in ebony.” Karlos ____ (age 37-married-3 kids-lives in mud hut in Madimba-traved 2 hours by bike)

“I gained confidence in by own ability because I took the challenge to carve something I never had before – and did  it well.” (he studied pictures on giraffe before carving one for the first time). Antanas Kasanga (age 35-married-2 kids-lives in mud hut in Tangazo- traveled 2+ hours in truck bed)

The difference ADEA has made:

“Before working with ADEA I could only afford to educate 2 of my 4 children, now they all go to school. I was also able to by a field farming – I had none before.” Johana (age 32-married-4 kids-lives in mud hut in Madimba- father was a carver-travels 2 hours by bicycle each way)

“Because of my ADEA training I am in greater demand by other carving buyers.” –Paulo E. Paulo (age 31- married-4 kids remaining [one died of malaria last year] – lives in mud hut in Madimba – his father is a carver – travels 2 hours by bicycle each way)