Tipape Daniel Loomu

         Rombo, Kenya

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About Me

A Maasai from Rombo, Kenya on the eastern Kibo peak side of Mt. Kilimajaro, Born in 1983, Tipape is the oldest of eleven children. He and his eldest sister were selected by their parents to receive formal education (at a cost of 80% of their cow herd), there remained insufficient fund for the remaining nine children. With a love for his people and the responsibilities of the eldest son, Tipape has dedicated his future to helping his people emerge from their current suffering.  


  1. -Tipape is one of the founder of Pillar of Maasai Development (PMD) a Community Based Organization dedicated to helping the people of Rombo. 

Current Activities

  1. -MBA Student at DayStar University in Nairobi.

  2. -Working with Maasai Boma School teachers and parents in curriculum and tuition challenges due recent drought cattle losses.


Helping his people navigate a rapidly changing world.

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ADEA is currently supporting Tipape in his MBA studies at DayStar University.  Our support allows him to focus on his studies which will allow him to better help his community. He also has a paid government internship in Nairobi with the national youth commission.

Tipape will join the ADEA Boot Camp 2012 program as much as he is able while finishing up his theses project for him MBS degree. Improving his skills in networking, seeking support, securing grants,  and managing money will help him address the crisis facing his community now and in the future.