Tumaina Ole Ipite

          Rombo, Kenya

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Individual Leaders


Tumania has actively participated in ADEA’s educational, economic development, and emergency food programs in Rombo.   He is skilled in translation and cross-cultural relationships speaking English, Swahili and Maa. 

His desire to help his community is hampered by his responsibility as a father to provide food and education for his family - an exceedingly difficult challenge in the current economic & drought conditions.

PMD partnership with ADEA:

Tumaina will join the ADEA Boot Camp 2012 program to free him up to learn the skills of networking, seeking support, securing grants, managing money and expertise to help him address the crisis facing his community, and explore opportunities.

About Tumaina

Tumaina is a Maasai from Rombo, Kenya, east of Mt. Kilimajaro. He as seen the suffering of his people from land confiscation to game parks, drought, and defenselessness due to lack of access to education. Tumaina has worked tirelessly to help his community cope with change and hardship in all sectors including water, agriculture, animal husbandry, and economic development.

Pillar for Maasai Development (PMD)

Tumania is a founding member of PMD, a Community Based Organization dedicated to help his struggling community overcome development obstacles and deal with their drastically change world. He earned a degree in agriculture related studies. 

Age: Born 1973


Rosemary Nailantei Matai

Children: Ester Sainoi

                  Cynthia Yiamoi

                  Siparo Ole Tumainia

Cows: 40

Goats & Sheep: 98

(*as of September 2011)

Number lost in the last two year.

Cows: 2

Goats & Sheep: 19


Helping his people help themselves.