Women of Ornaments of Hope

Women of Ornaments for Hope



This core team of seven women were selected for their proven skill as bead workers, leaders in the community and will to make a difference.

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Grace is married with nine children, too many grandchildren and at least 10 great-grandchildren.

Her family once had 300+ cows. They remain in one, and three goats.

She is old enough to remember using the Queen’s (Elizabeth) and King’s (George) money.

We live a terrible life in the community, work outside jobs of cheap labor, people go outside Rombo for work, we have been reduced to beggars.  It is a life they have never lived”

“Beadwork will help me to pay school fees, feed my family and buy another cow.”


Grace Nkoirisha

Widow, 50, 7 people to care for in her boma, she and her eldest daughter can work. Lost 6 of her 7 cows, has not sheep or goats.   

With steady income Meoshi would feed her family and buy cows, goats and sheep.

Meoshi Kaika

Married, ±45, 10 people to care for in her boma. Lost all 10 cows.

Cannot depend on support from his drunkard husband.

“We do not have enough for life. Not even milk.”

Nkataria Sitelu

Married, second wife, 40,  ten children,  to care for on boma.

Loves her husband, but cannot depend on him for support.

Lost both her cows in drought. Remains with 4 goats.

Now doing day labor for money to feed family. She feels harassed at work.  Doing beadwork to earn income would allow me to manage my own time.

With income I’d build a better house to live in.

Mary Pararian

Married, 35, 10 children, Lost 13 cows, 2 remain and a few goats. 

“Children are malnourished.  When visitors come we can’t even afford milk for the tea.

Lucy’s husband, Amadeus, is a leader in the community and very active in supporting the women in their beadwork initiatives.

Lucy Mamaai

Married, 39, nine people live in her boma.

Used to have 20 cows, now has 2. “The loss from drought has caused a lot of problems, sorrow, pain in the heart.  I still remembers what they had when the family would not go to bed hungry.”

Husband sells tobacco - it used to be a side job, now it is the primary income for the family.

With income she’d feed her family, pay for school, then buy cows.

Grace Nterere Surumo

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Leah is a widow. She is the head of her family. She cares for the 10 people who live in her home.

“With only enough money for porridge, are bodies are getting weak. they are not properly fed. There is suffering.”

With income I will buy goats, they increase quickly.

Leah Motialo

Full interview1206_Interviews.html
Full interview1206_Interviews.html
Full interview1206_Interviews.html
Full interview1206_Interviews.html
Full interview1206_Interviews.html
Full interview1206_Interviews.html